Six Sigma Benchmarking is an association of companies whose members conduct benchmarking studies to identify the best practices surrounding “six sigma” that improve the overall operations of the members.

Benefits of Membership


Six Sigma Benchmarking™ will identify and present to members opportunities to participate in Benchmarking studies on various topics addressing issues of importance to the “six sigma” discipline.
There are two types of Benchmarking studies provided:

  • Consortium studies are offered to the membership as a whole with costs divided.
  • Single company sponsored studies addressing the interest of one member company can be offered to other selected members for no fee.

The association will also support “six sigma” benchmarking efforts:

  • Research – Access public and private databases.
  • Identify study participants – Top companies interested in the “six sigma” discipline.
  • Collect data – Manage response collection with the participants as a third party.
  • Lead site visits – Structure with best participants.


Currently, membership in Six Sigma Benchmarking™ is FREE! Costs of studies are shared by the participants.